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Change of Plans

Change of Plans

We had a change of heart today on some painting. We have this great building with the new offices and great paint and we know the flooring will only make it better. It was brought to our attention that the offices on the west side of the building that we left the gray wallpaper will stick out like a sore thumb. After Scott yelled at us for waiting this long to realize that, we asked for a price to paint the remaining offices. He made a fair offer and after some working by our team to figure out the finances, we decided to go for it. It’s easy to say “we’ll do that after we’re in the building” but we all know that things are always much harder to do once the building is fully occupied and is there ever a good time to cover everyone’s desks and other things for a couple days to paint? So we made the decision to do it. Scott’s crew is going to work through the weekend so we do not lose time on the schedule. The wallpaper needs to come down and the prep of the walls and the first coat needs to get done before flooring install. Of course I have buyers remorse but that’s about the money because I know the colors will make the building that much better.

David and I walked the building with Scott and got the schedule for the finishing touches. Most of the building still only has one coat of paint. The painter doesn’t want to do the second coat until the flooring is in because the flooring will scratch up the wall and the flooring people don’t want to do install until the painting is done because the painters will drip on the new floor. We’ll see, tear out of the carpeting that’s there is Monday, install starts Tuesday and the painters will do the second coat after that.

Bathroom sinks and vanities were in today. They look nice and most importantly, clean.

There are only a few things left to do: wallpaper tear down and paint that we added, finish the rest of the painting, clean up, flooring, mill work, final plumbing and electric. At this time next week we’ll be finishing up flooring and getting ready for the first phase of move in the following week.

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