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Being a Comprehensive Solution Provider

Being a Comprehensive Solution Provider

We always remark that the greatest thing about our work at IDEAS is when we can be a comprehensive solution provider for our clients. That means we get to work in all of our practice areas- Innovation, Learning and our Studio. I’m in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this week working with Rasaland- an extraordinary company developing two new resort/living destinations in coastal Mexico and this is one of those great opportunities.

We developed the creative backbone for both projects last September in a StoryJam and since have developed the concepts through our Experience Design process so that in a couple of weeks, the entire team will be meting with the master planners and architects to begin to give dimensional life to the work. In the meantime, we were asked by senior management at Rasaland to assist in building a brand charter for the parent company. This week, Kelly Pounds, our VP of Learning, and I are conducting a StoryJam Conference to adopt a full brand charter for the company and design a deployment strategy. Finally, as part of our creative work, we’re producing a video to help tell the story of the first of these two remarkable projects to the world so we’re shooting tonight a biologist who will talk about the steps being taken to protect the species that live on the properties. Thursday, we’ll do interviews with the CEO of Rasaland and a regional business leader. I love my job, especially when it touches all of the centers of excellence and involves so many of the great creative minds within IDEAS.

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