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Audio, LCD Screens & Facebook

Audio, LCD Screens & Facebook

It wasn’t easy and it definitely didn’t go as planned, but largely due to the efforts of Rob Hill, we saw hard copies of the design specs for the new audio mixing room today. I’m not an architect so I don’t know what half of it means but it looks impressive. We meet with our architect tomorrow so he can review the plans then our contractor will look everything over early next week and give us a quote to execute what the design is. If the construction phase is as stressful on Rob and me as the design phase has been, I will be quitting.

Our LCD screens for Bay 1 & Bay 3 came in today. Coincidentally, one of our staff bought the exact model a couple weeks ago and absolutely loves it so that is encouraging.

And finally, a lot of us are on Facebook, David does our Twitter page, Bob organized an IDEAS Group on Facebook and of course I’m doing this blog. But we (it was Christine’s idea) thought we should create an IDEAS Orlando “person” on Facebook so we could be more connected with our friends and give updates on what’s going on here more often. So we did it and we’re working on connecting to as many clients and friends as possible so we can stay in touch with as many of them as possible. Our company clients & friends are our livelihood so the more we stay in touch the better. If you search IDEAS Orlando you should find us.

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