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Animals Rescuing Humans

Animals Rescuing Humans

I’m not a strong Facebook user so I check in every few days to run through entries of friends and share many of their postings – makes me look like I know what’s going on!  I also connected my tweets to Facebook so I really give the appearance of being on top of it all.  Yet I do have to admit that some of the most wonderful animal stories and that means for me, doggie stories, are shared prolifically on this social media tool and it continues to amaze me how much we are rescued by the brilliant and wise creatures and their fantastical stories of heroism.  Stories ranging from puppies keeping a young lost boy warm overnight and diabetes alert dogs saving lives, to a mother dog rescuing her 10 puppies one at a time from a disastrous fire and saving them all – cleverly using the fire truck on sight as her safe haven!

We see shared stories of different breeds of animals caring for one another – again something we can take a lesson from with this type of behavior.  A recent story of elephants walking for days, single file, to pay tribute to a man who had passed away – a man who had looked out for their well being and rescued many of their species.  We ask ourselves, how did they know to do this – with such grace and respect?   Why do we want to read about these events – because it makes us feel better and possibly take our minds off our own daily grind and realize we are not the only intelligent species on this planet but that we share it with many as wise.  These beautiful creatures help us maintain our humanity.

As I sit with my three greyhounds – the youngest always angling for the closest spot, I realize my blood pressure does literally go down as I stroke their beautiful, velvety coats and look at those big eyes telling me to be in the moment and stop rushing around multi-tasking, and probably not accomplishing anything!

Animals have so much to share with us if we would only listen – truly listen.

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