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A New Health and Fitness Experience

A New Health and Fitness Experience

Last week I flew out to Seattle to continue work on an Experience Design project for a client in the fitness and wellness industry. I spent the day with their Director of User Experience working on this new fitness experience for their upcoming new product line.

They use story much like we do — starting all their development work and interface design around a core user story first to lay out the parameters of what they are trying to accomplish that will make that user story come to life. It was very cool to see story as the starting point for hardware/product design just like we use it for the more conceptual work we do in branding, learning, media production, and experience design.

I will be heading back out there again this week for a day-long work session with their CEO. Last week’s trip was a complete failure in mastering the red-eye flight back home. iPhone battery died in the first hour so no Brian Eno to lull me to sleep, forgot to pick up a bottle of water before boarding, and my sunglasses were no match for the crossword fanatic sitting next to me with his seat light on the whole flight. I’m packing the eye mask, neck pillow, ear plugs, and an Ambien with a 2-hour head start and a Becks chaser to try and do better this time around. Will let you know how I do.

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