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By John Lux

When we made the decision to move a major criteria for our new home was the ability continue doing the level of post production (editing and audio) that we have done in the past. A couple months in to the process of looking for a new place we made the strategic decision to focus on the Creative Village area in Downtown Orlando. In doing so, we found a studio facility that was near perfect for or business needs. As part of the relocation, the facility owner agreed to pay for most of the build out of a state of the art audio facility for IDEAS. The design work is now complete, and the construction and build out is about to begin.

We will make a final decision on our general contractor this week. That group will work closely with our acoustical designer and our architect to lock the plans, obtain the proper permits and begin build out. Over the last couple months we have been lucky enough to have our Audio B up and running so we can continue doing most of our audio work but we are looking forward to having our larger mixing studio and Foley/insert stage up and running in a few short months.

For those who followed the build out of the main part of the building, you’ll remember periodic blogs and in progress photos as things progressed. Once the build out of audio gets going we plan to do the same thing. Between status updates on Facebook, blogs here and photos and webisodes on our new home website ( we’ll keep everyone updated.

August 12, 2009|Archive|

About the Author: John Lux

As COO of IDEAS, John manages the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a category expert in studio production and is responsible for bringing advanced digital media technology to IDEAS.

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