An Invitation

By Olivia Allen

Stories are a big part of my life. It is a part of my job, blogging and running social media.  I tell stories with my friends when I talk. Casual conversation about the stupid thing my friend’s roommate did today or how I completely fail at locking my front door because “oh god what is wrong with our lock it is impossible”. Stories are a part of my self-identity. I am a creative person, writer, actor, artist. I am a big fan of movies, TV shows, comics, books, plays, musicals. Stories are a big part of my life, yes, but stories are a big part of everyone’s lives. Maybe you’re a published author and every day you spend time writing, obviously you’re a storyteller. But, maybe you really don’t consider yourself at all creative and even the idea of the idea of telling a story horrifies you. Well, I hate to break it to you, you still use storytelling.

Even if you don’t know it. If you tell someone you know where you’re going, when you need to meet a deadline, what you had for lunch…boom-story! It could be a boring one, but it still qualifies. Come on! We all have a constant inner monologue. Even if you’re a hermit who lives in a cave and has taken a vow of silence, you are still thinking the story of your life (probably, I don’t speak from life experience…) So, here’s the deal. We want to hear the way storytelling figures into your life, and we’d love to get a conversation going on the IDEAS blog.  You are invited to contact us with a short article about how storytelling figures into your life. Do It! You could get featured on the blog, become famous, buy a place in Aspen and another in Malibu and, you know, raise llamas or something. We’d love to share your stories. So, send them!

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About the Author: Olivia Allen

Olivia is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder in creative writing and theater. She is an artist, actress, writer and self-proclaimed nerd.

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