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VA of Greater Los Angeles

VA of Greater Los Angeles


At the VA of Greater Los Angeles (VA GLA), the mission and vision are clear – do anything and everything to serve and care for Veterans. On their continued journey to bring Patient-Centered Care to life for Veterans in the Greater Los Angeles area they didn’t look out… instead they looked in. They wanted to rally all of their staff around a set of service standards that would help them in collectively embracing and caring for Veterans – taking the experience one step further.

They saw the letters that represent who they are (GLA) as an opportunity to create a home-grown set of service standards. With a balanced representation of leadership and front line staff, they identified three key actions that would be universal and powerful for every Veteran and staff member to receive when at the VA. Greet, Listen, Act, Plus. They decided to add a “Plus” to include the unique opportunity for VA employees to show gratitude to our Veterans.

The VA of Greater Los Angeles came to IDEAS to assist them in bringing this story and training to life. They were eager to build upon the service excellence standards that had been brought to life at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and across the Army Medical Department of the U.S. Army (Back to BASICS training program). It was also very important to them to keep the organic nature of this training. IDEAS is committed to telling an individual’s, group’s, or organization’s story in a way that is personal, memorable, and meaningful to them and their audience.

We got right to work by bringing together our instructional designers, storytellers, video producers, editors, and graphic artists to get to the heart of the GLA+ story. Through collaboration with our client, the result was an interactive and engaging, two-hour, face-to-face training that will begin a new chapter of how service is delivered at the VA of Greater Los Angeles. All 5,000+ employees will attend this two-hour experience.

As true believers in sustainment, the IDEAS team developed a story-based, sustainment toolkit which supervisors and leaders will use in the months after their team has completed the GLA+ training. This will ensure focus and will allow them to continue their conversations about how they are bringing GLA+ to life. In addition, additional recognition programs are being incorporated so that GLA+ stay front and center in delivering quality care to Veterans and their fellow staff.