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The IDEAS Team

  • prof_Charles

    Charles Moore

    March 26, 2014
    Senior Producer

    Charles is a hands-on project manager that works collaboratively with his…

  • prof_GregR

    Greg Roux

    March 26, 2014
    Motion Graphics Designer

    Greg started his colorful 25-year design career in the advertising industry…

  • prof_Shirley

    Shirley Decker

    March 26, 2014
    EVP, Business Development

    A recipient of Disney’s ultimate award, Partners in Excellence, Shirley offers…

  • prof_Cassie

    Cass Hensley

    March 21, 2014
    Interactive Producer

    Cass Hensley is our Interactive Producer in charge of crafting and executing on digitally driven experiences here at IDEAS.

  • prof_Mark

    Mark Edson

    March 26, 2014
    Director, Business Development

    Mark came to IDEAS with a long, seasoned heritage at the Walt Disney…

  • indiv_olivia2

    Olivia Allen

    January 30, 2017
    Social Media Coordinator

    Olivia Allen manages the social media and will occasionally be given a writing assignment if she’s lucky.

  • prof_Sam

    Sam Patterson

    March 26, 2014
    Senior Editor

    An Emmy Award winning editor, Sam’s career in post spans three decades…

  • IMG_0252-copy

    Larry Stauffer

    May 18, 2017
    Cruise and Destination Experience Design

    Cruise and Destination Experience Design

  • prof_Tad

    Tad Branham

    March 26, 2014

    Tad comes to us from the University of Florida, where he graduated with his…

  • prof_Rob

    Rob Hill

    March 26, 2014
    Senior Audio Mixer

    Rob entered the industry in the Boston area in 1973, moved to Orlando…

  • prof_GregG

    Greg Galloway

    March 26, 2014
    VP, Entertainment & General Counsel

    Greg brings close to 20 years in the entertainment industry to the IDEAS…

  • prof_Carlo

    Carlo Simone

    February 19, 2014

    Carlo came to IDEAS back in 2005 as an intern for the Elvis Miniseries for…

  • prof_Kelly

    Kelly Pounds

    March 26, 2014
    VP, Learning Solutions

    Kelly brings more than two decades of experience in education, training design…

  • prof_Jen

    Jennifer Foster

    March 26, 2014

    Jennifer first started working with IDEAS back in 1999 as a client. As the…

  • prof_MAM

    Mary Anne Metaxas

    March 26, 2014
    VP, Media Production

    Mary Anne grew up in New Jersey spending her summers at the shore…

  • prof_Duncan

    Duncan Kennedy

    March 26, 2014
    VP, Experience Design

    Duncan has 20+ years experience designing and producing digital media…

  • prof_Bob

    Bob Allen

    February 19, 2014
    Chief Storytelling Officer

    Bob Allen began his career in the entertainment industry as a musician…

  • prof_Brian

    Brian Nutt

    February 19, 2014
    Art Director

    Brian is a native South Floridian now calling Orlando home. A talented…