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An Invitation

An Invitation

Stories are a big part of my life. It is a part of my job, blogging and running social media.  I tell stories with my friends when I talk. Casual conversation about the stupid thing my friend’s roommate did today or how I completely fail at locking my front door because “oh god what is wrong with our lock it is impossible”. Stories are a part of my self-identity. I am a creative person, writer, actor, artist. I am a big fan of movies, TV shows, comics, books, plays, musicals. Stories are a big part of my life, yes, but stories are a big part of everyone’s lives. Maybe you’re a published author and every day you spend time writing, obviously you’re a storyteller. But, maybe you really don’t consider yourself at all creative and even the idea of the idea of telling a story horrifies you. Well, I hate to break it to you, you still use storytelling.

Even if you don’t know it. If you tell someone you know where you’re going, when you need to meet a deadline, what you had for lunch…boom-story! It could be a boring one, but it still qualifies. Come on! We all have a constant inner monologue. Even if you’re a hermit who lives in a cave and has taken a vow of silence, you are still thinking the story of your life (probably, I don’t speak from life experience…) So, here’s the deal. We want to hear the way storytelling figures into your life, and we’d love to get a conversation going on the IDEAS blog.  You are invited to contact us with a short article about how storytelling figures into your life. Do It! You could get featured on the blog, become famous, buy a place in Aspen and another in Malibu and, you know, raise llamas or something. We’d love to share your stories. So, send them!

Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen manages the social media and will occasionally be given a writing assignment if she’s lucky.