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Recipient of a 2010 William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award, TeacherStudio™ ( is a vital, worldwide professional learning community where teachers can see, hear and collaborate with exemplary educators. This completely unique online community allows teachers across districts to come together anytime, anywhere to share ideas, receive mentoring and experience global best practices.

Co-Created by IDEAS’ Kelly Pounds and Caroline Masse, TeacherStudio is a visual online exhibition so teachers can demonstrate what they’ve learned during professional development, a place for refreshing conversations, a password protected, quality-assured environment, a place where teachers feel supported and are therefore less likely to leave the profession, a cost-saving tool for administrators to manage training, mentoring and induction, and a private site for educators only.

TeacherStudio provides content from professional educators, including videos of teachers in action, online mentoring from model teachers, instructional strategies and lesson plans, classroom management techniques, and technology How-To’s. It also includes easy-to-use tools for uploading and sharing, a powerful search engine, a place to showcase your district’s best work, an optional site for district-only collaboration, open and private group chats, private wiki for your district, and a personal vault to store your stuff.