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Sometimes the ingredients are all there, but they’re not readily visible. Tavistock Food and Beverage Group knew they had a tiger by the tail when they first conceived of ZED451 – a completely novel urban restaurant concept as a major flagship for their portfolio of brands. “But we needed to be able to get people excited about the concept and have them understand it without taking 20 minutes to explain it”, noted Barry Goff, CEO of Tavistock Restaurant Group.

Using StoryJam, its proprietary creative development process, IDEAS created a unifying story for the ZED451 brand. In the evolution of the restaurant story, a completely undiscovered palette of guest offerings, design criteria, menu opportunities, and operational improvements emerged. Further, the ZED451 concept evolved in the story work from a completely novel restaurant experience into an extendable lifestyle brand through media, consumer products, and other lines.

IDEAS also drove the development of both ZED451’s patron and proprietor culture, complete with distinctive nomenclature and language, programming rites and rituals, and a savvy yet distinctive lexicon for describing the ZED451 experience to aid their pre-launch marketing.

The result was a successful opening of the inaugural restaurant in downtown Chicago that continues to exceed expectations in popularity, guest comments, and its financial proforma. Other ZED451 restaurants are slated for development in Florida and several other states and IDEAS will be on tap for Tavistock, to help design the nuances of guest experience to give each its own signature.