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Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

Las Vegas Convention

How do you increase the number of visitors to one of the world’s top destinations, while maintaining your position as the #1 convention and meeting location … oh, and not skip a beat over the next 3 years while you expand your facility without having all that construction negatively impact your high level of customer service to clients and guests? Engage IDEAS to create an ongoing sustainment program for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority staff to “live that brand” on a daily basis. Developed with the LVCVA’s HR team, the IDEAS enculturation program spurred collaboration and teamwork, while empowering creativity and problem solving among employees in proactively understanding how each of the departments and business segments work together.

The LVCVA is in a very unique position as they represent not a single company or even one organization. The territory they cover is filled with a variety of resorts, attractions, entertainment, and recreational activities that their millions of annual guests can enjoy. So how do you generate and deliver on a brand promise when you’re making that promise on behalf of so many entities?

The answer lies in understanding the underlying culture of a place, listening to the lore, traditions, and collective experiences of the people who make up the LVCVA. IDEAS started by facilitating a StoryJam™ to uncover this core story as the foundation for this initiative. Next came the processes of Culture Mapping with the entire staff, to understand the current work culture, followed by a comprehensive Enculturation toolkit to address the challenges within the organization, provide the necessary training tools and support to leaders and front-line employees. By understanding the realities of the people who must deliver on the service level pledged by the LVCVA’s brand promise as one of the world’s top destinations, IDEAS was able to relate the initiative’s big goals to the everyday job responsibilities of the employees.

Armed with the knowledge of who the LVCVA people are and how they communicate and learn, along with their story, IDEAS was able to onboard both existing and new employees with the organization’s expansion goals and revitalized service mission via group communication sessions known as Gatherings, containing facilitation by the HR team, interactivity, video elements, subject matter experts from the various departments who share their LVCVA contribution stories that are usually not known to the other employees. The response and immediate results have been dramatic and transformational.