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Los Angeles based Jaffe/Braunstein Films called on IDEAS for the HD on-line edit and post audio for the miniseries Elvis for CBS. Included in the on-line editing process was high resolution HD digitizing, color correction, film scratch removal, opening and closing titles and final conform. The audio process included Foley, sound design (sound effects editing), dialogue editing, pre-mixing, final stereo mix and layback. Also included was post supervision and delivery to CBS.

Elvis was shot over eight weeks in the New Orleans area with portions in Memphis. The miniseries was shot on 16mm film to give it the look of the time period. The film was then transferred to HD. While production was going on, the off-line rough cut was done in the Los Angeles area. Upon completion of the off-line, the HD tapes were shipped to IDEAS along with all the audio elements from production. From there, all the video was digitized at full HD resolution and the audio elements were broken out for each area.

The original post schedule for Elvis was six weeks. However, due to delays in the production and off-line schedule, the schedule was cut to four weeks. Night 1 of the miniseries was done in one edit suite while Night 2 was done in another. After more than 550 hours working on the video and more than 650 working on the audio, the miniseries was delivered to CBS three days before the airing.

Placed in the opening week of the May sweeps period, 13.9 million viewers watched Night 1 of Elvis, making it the highest rated non-series of the week and placed seventeenth overall for the week in viewership. Elvis was the first biographical film about The King’s life to get approval from the Elvis Presley Estate to use his actual recordings as opposed to re-recordings done by another singer. Elvis was nominated for six Emmy Awards including Outstanding Miniseries or Movie and Jonathan Rhys Meyers won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for his portrayal of Elvis Presley.

Upon completion and delivery of the miniseries to CBS, the International version was edited and mixed. The International version consisted of slightly modified video and a remix of the audio in 5.1 surround sound.