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Hot House Samples

The IDEAS Hothouse is our proprietary system for developing intellectual property into marketable products and services, whether it’s an idea generated internally, or a concept that is brought to us by a third party. We call it a Hothouse because we liken the development of good ideas into full-fledged businesses to the same process of growing seedlings in a hothouse where the conditions are maximized to ensure that they develop into mature plants.

The Hothouse uses a systematic process for vetting new ideas to assess their potential viability as a stand alone business. We operate the Hothouse within the understanding that as a small company we do not have unlimited resources for growing these concepts. For that reason, at any one time we only have a limited number of projects in development. Some are waiting their turn in the “yard,” while others are developed to a point that makes it clearer that their potential is not what we anticipated, and they are placed in the compost heap. At times when market or business conditions change we often resurrect some of these projects for further consideration.

Currently, IDEAS has a number of projects in development, spanning the worlds of entertainment, healthcare, technology, and education. Here’s a sampling of a few.