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Through a comprehensive process of Culture Mapping, Experience Design and precise Market Analytics, The IDEAS team designed and launched the award winning CareerSource Florida brand built on a common charter and a unified style that still leaves plenty of room for regional identification.

When she presented CareerSource Florida with the 2014 NASWA SEAL Award, President Ellen Golombek said:

“Nothing increases brand awareness like achieving great results, and CareerSource Florida has become a model for other states who want to gain recognition as economic development professionals. It’s been a real game-changer.”

IDEAS began the journey toward AlabamaWorks by first performing a thorough analysis of the statewide system on behalf of the Alabama Workforce Council. We conducted 90-minute interview sessions involving more than 80 total participants representing every region and 12 one-on-one interviews with key leaders from across the Alabama Workforce System and, to ensure broad statewide representation, we fielded 1000 online surveys. The Brand Experience Design Plan, was built on input from a StoryJam® with over 30 stakeholders resulting in a slate of recommendations for system design, the education mission, solutions needed, branding and performance metrics and accountability. AlabamaWorks!, the main public face for the brand, rolled out statewide in November of 2016 and has been performing ever since.

“IDEAS has been a great resource for us. They have helped us to think outside the box and challenged us to hold each other accountable, and to truly make a difference and set our aspirations high.”

-Philip Cleveland: Alabama Deputy State Superintendent for Workforce Development

Now live online, The AlabamaWorks Career SUCCESS Guides help Alabama students, their parents and anyone preparing for a new career learn more about high-demand careers and salary ranges, the steps students need to take to reach their career goals, and where to get the resources available to help them get there. The sixteen guides, one for each career cluster established by the U.S. Department of Labor, feature six short bios of Alabamians who share their stories and paths to their current jobs in Alabama companies. These personal stories offer students insight into the school-to-work connection and a realistic view of what it takes to succeed. A downloadable and printable version of each guide is available online along with an all-new interactive version. The interactive tools allow for easy comparison between each career cluster.

“The AlabamaWorks Career SUCCESS Guides are invaluable resources designed specifically for Alabama students. Students who use them, along with practical recommendations from their parents, teachers, school counselors, and career coaches, will be better prepared for post-secondary learning opportunities after graduation—and a lifetime of future career success.”

-Sean Stevens, Career Coach Program Administrator for Counseling and Guidance



In our Market Analysis, the IDEAS Team demonstrated that there was a significant opportunity to better serve Virginia businesses and job-seeking citizens by unifying the state workforce system’s public face under a new and comprehensively applied brand. Through an inclusive process that touched hundreds of stakeholders, IDEAS and our partners developed the Virginia Career Works brand. The brand will be fully implemented by Labor Day of 2018 through a robust launch campaign and system-wide Enculturation training program.

“The ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce is the number one issue facing Virginia businesses.,” This unified branding initiative demonstrates another significant step towards a more cohesive, strategic approach to workforce development in the Commonwealth as we work to advance the system in a way that benefits both businesses and job seekers.”

– Barry DuVal, President of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce

To first understand perceptions of the current Massachusetts Workforce Development System, the way it served its stakeholders, and helped to engage and train its sustainable talent pipeline, IDEAS held Culture Mapping™ sessions with each of the 16 local development boards including One Stop Center principals, key employers, educators, and leadership from the Commonwealth. With this grounding in current sentiment, best practices and an understanding of where gaps in communications and services existed, we then solicited input from stakeholders from across the state through IDEAS’ StoryJam™ session to guide development of the new brand, charter, marks, 14 websites, and the culture of service excellence to support them all. The new MassHire brand was rolled out in August, 2018 to great acclaim, unifying and empowering all state, regional, and local workforce entities.

“This transition will help streamline efforts to employ Massachusetts residents and spread economic prosperity throughout the state”

– Karyn Polito: Massachusetts Lt. Governor


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