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TotalCare® eLearning

TotalCare® eLearning


Hill-Rom, Inc. is a leader in providing safe and effective healthcare products for both patients and caregivers. After the development of two courses for the VersaCare A.I.R.™ bed, Hill-Rom came back to IDEAS to develop two more courses to educate caregivers on the importance preventing complications related to immobility.

The Hill-Rom TotalCare® Connect Bed is a medical device used primarily in Intensive Care Units in hospitals throughout the world. Used within protocols and practices, the Progressive Mobility™ therapy features of the bed help prevent and treat complications related to immobility (which is costly both in lives and in dollars). Prevention of complications is measured by a reduction in length of stay (LOS), reduction of ventilator days, reduction in total hospital costs, delay in onset of pneumonia, and a decrease in standard mortality rate. This bed also helps avoid caregiver injuries when used properly.

This custom-designed, self-paced, interactive eLearning tool is used to educate the Hill-Rom sales force, customer service, and technical support people on how to properly operate the bed, but the primary audiences are the existing and prospective customers, (registered nurses, non-licensed clinicians, and other hospital staff). It instructs the audience on how to use the features of the bed to deliver safe and effective care to immobilize patients. Designed to be a 30-minute eLearning experience, this course allows the caregiver with a busy workday to have the option to take it in one sitting, or to complete it during several sessions.

The combination of instructional design, art and programming, and a rich and relevant story creates a learning environment that leads to the reduction of both patient risk factors and caregiver injury. Before this time, this instruction was delivered face-to-face in hospitals by representatives of Hill-Rom at a high cost. As hospital employee turnover increased, the cost of delivering face-to-face training became prohibitive. This eLearning tool created for Hill-Rom by IDEAS Learning was the answer!

IDEAS Learning and Hill-Rom were awarded a coveted Brandon Hall Gold award for excellence in the Custom Content category for the course. The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards are presented annually by Brandon Hall Research, one of the leading research firms in training and development. Now in its fourteenth year, the Awards program showcases exceptional work in the use of learning technology.

April 14, 2014