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Roxy Hunter: The Myth of the Mermaid

Roxy Hunter: The Myth of the Mermaid


Miami-based Dolphin Entertainment contracted IDEAS to do the post production audio and visual effects for four movies for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon. The IDEAS Studio team was responsible for sound design, dialogue editing, Foley, final mix, visual effects and delivery for both the DVD and broadcast versions of each movie.

The movies, part of the Roxy Hunter children’s mystery franchise, feature Aria Wallace as Roxy Hunter, a precocious eight year old that draws those around her into her fantastical world. Fact becomes fiction, and fiction, fact, in the tempest that is Roxy. But despite her incredible leaps of logic, and penchant for mischief, Roxy’s uncanny intuition and tenacity invariably leads her to uncover the truth behind the mystery.

Upon completion of the off-line, the locked picture and all audio elements were shipped to IDEAS. From there, the audio elements and effects shots were broken out for each area of post production. Written by Robin Dunne and James Kee and executive produced by Bill O’Dowd, the movies were shot entirely in high definition in Toronto and also star Robin Brule as Roxy’s mother, Susan, Demetrius Joyette as Roxy’s best friend, Max, Yannick Bisson as Susan’s friend, Jon, and Vik Sahay as family friend Rama. The third movie, Roxy Hunter: The Myth of the Mermaid, Roxy brings home a mysterious amnesiac who was found soaking wet outside of a local coffee shop. Roxy takes her home and ceremoniously names her Annie Nonymous. When Annie returns dripping wet from the lake several nights in a row, Roxy determines what is abundantly clear to her, Annie is a mermaid…a mermaid who has to find her way home.