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Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems


In 2008, Meggitt Training Systems funded a research project to study human factors in a virtual reality environment. 150 police officers participated and were videotaped during their virtual reality scenarios, in which an armed and dangerous man was roaming through an office building. The officers were hooked up to heart rate monitors, mobile eye trackers, and other devices to monitor their physiological responses to the stimuli.

To take the research further, Meggitt hired IDEAS to produce a 12-minute video featuring 3D animations of what actually goes on inside the body of a law enforcement officer during high stress situations. A lot of attention was paid to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, i.e. the fight or flight response and how the brain interprets information and sends signals to the body.

Meggitt provided the footage of an officer going through the scenario, the actual video the officer was watching during the scenario, as well as the officer’s captured biometrics from the scenario, and after consulting with a trained medical expert, IDEAS created 3D animations to depict what was happening inside the officer’s body as he went through the scenario. IDEAS helped to write the script, record the narrator, create the text graphics and 3D animations, pieced together the video elements, and did the sound design.

By watching this video and exploring the science behind how the brain interprets information, the way the body reacts, and how to control certain reactions, officers in training can better understand what obstacles they may face in the field and how to better control themselves and their environment.