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Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness

Information Security

Walt Disney World Security hired IDEAS to design, develop and produce the Walt Disney World Information Security Training web-based tool. In this fifteen minute, game-like, interactive Flash presentation, the “InfoSec Chief” enlists the help of the learner in discovering potential information security breaches in a “Get Smart” kind of story. By engaging the learner in interactive questions that present familiar scenarios, the program heightens their awareness of common behaviors that they may not often think about, but could be potentially damaging to the company. At the end of each lesson, the learner plays a discovery game to prove they’re learning and earns another “key” to information security as a reward. At the end, the learner becomes a “Private I” and is certified in Information Security. The program is housed on the Walt Disney World intranet server and is accessed through the company portal. Each Cast Member must view this program and “re-certify” every year during the month of their anniversary with the company.

Part two of the Information Security Training course is a follow-up to the original course. Scripting and Instructional Design was written by the client. IDEAS created theming of the content segments, character design, all graphics, animation, programming, audio and narration. Samples include: initial character illustrations, voice auditions, GUI development, Assessment game and content development.

April 14, 2014