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Enabling a culture of care in which leaders and high performing teams ensure sustained patient experience excellence

What’s Important

Patient experience is a top priority among American hospitals and continues to be a key issue for hospital leaders. Experience Imperitive HC is a turnkey solution providing health care leaders a tool to ensure that perception and delivery of patient care improves within a sustainable culture of excellence.


1. Culture Mapping™ allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your “Actuals”—how the patient experience lives and breathes within the current culture. Using a system refined over two decades, we walk the halls , and engage with teams analyzing stories collected from a full spectrum of stakeholders, distilling the key drivers and issues that express your hospital’s patent experience culture as it is today.

2. StoryJam™, our proprietary design-thinking process, uses tested narrative development protocols to quickly and efficiently build an understanding of “The Optimals”—what the patient and staff experience should be and how it can thrive within the organization implemented within a system-wide set of standards but tailored to a local community.

3. Experience Design™ creates a customized delivery program across ten critical steps in the patient journey including sensory, spatial, and performance improvements.

4. Enculturation™ is a suite of training and communication tools to improve skills and develop the new staff behaviors required to deliver the new experience. We also employ a transformational leadership framework to enable nurses and physicians at the point of care to engage in a deeper relationship with the patient. Finally, our proprietary StoryCare™ system, assures sustained rapid-cycle improvement.

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Our vision is an enriched, diverse, and flourishing worldwide community connected through stories.

The Experience Imperative HC Team

IDEAS is a media and experience design company created in a management buyout from the Walt Disney Company in 2001. We provide training, branding, organizational transformation and communication tools to health care, government and enterprise clients worldwide. Our unique approach to solving problems through the use of story and its critical supporting components – active listening, audience empathy, navigating the journey, and celebrating the discovery – enables us to apply our portfolio of products across a diverse range of industries.

PES, Inc., headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides solutions for developing nurse and physician leaders at the point of care in support of patient satisfaction metrics. They have created an evidenced-based leadership development and research-supported model that supports positive and performance-driven changes in culture, and approaches to patient care.

Meet Our Team

Sherry L. Gevedon PhD, MBA, MS, RN
CEO – PES, Inc.

Dr. Gevedon is the founder and CEO of PES, Inc. providing consulting and training to both the public and private sectors. With over 20 years as a leader in health care, her Transformative Leadership model provided the framework for her doctoral dissertation on the highly regarded study of “The Leadership Behaviors of the Top-Ranked Nursing Deans in the United States”. Dr. Gevedon held the rank of Assistant Professor at three leading universities in and is the former Assistant Dean for Entrepreneurship and Administration at one of the largest teaching and research universities in the U.S.

Shirley Decker
EVP, Healthcare Solutions

IDEAS’ EVP for Business Development and Healthcare Solutions, Shirley draws on over 25 years of experience as a meeting planning professional and sales executive. She has spent her career immersed in five star quality service, understanding top guest experience and operations and the service commitment required to be successful. With Experience Imperative HC, she has brought storytelling, concept development, and branding knowledge to both public and private health care clients. Shirley was a finalist for the Orlando Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business in 2012.

Duncan Kennedy
VP, Experience Design

Duncan brings 20+ years experience designing and producing digital media, signature events, and destination experiences for a wide range of clients including Novant Health, Florida Hospital and the CDC. His background as a writer and performer has honed his knack for understanding audiences – whether in a theme park or an ER waiting room – and his ability to immerse himself in the story of a project makes him a formidable advocate for our clients. Duncan is the lead designer for IDEAS StoryCare™, our innovative program for improved patient experience and staff performance.

Bob Allen
Founder and Chairman

Bob held a variety of positions at Disney including executive roles in entertainment, Tokyo Disneyland, Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney World. After becoming the Florida anchor for the production focus of the Disney-MGM Studios he became Vice President of Disney Production Services, responsible for all facilities and services at the Disney-MGM Studios as well as the operation of Disney IDEAS. Bob acquired IDEAS from Disney in 2001. A nationally recognized speaker, Bob has presented to the U.S. Air Force, Association of Travel Marketing Executives, Allied Travel Organization, National Telecommunications Conference, and TedX High Point to name a few.

  • "IDEAS clearly understands the healthcare environment and brings a unique set of skills and talents to the table."
    Stephen Wallenhaupt, MD, EVP and Chief Medical Officer, Novant Health

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