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The Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board, in conjunction with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, needed to develop a distinctive and compelling brand strategy for Grand Bahama Island (GBI). The answer? “The Grand Life!”

The IDEAS team designed a program that would engage every resident of GBI that could possibly come into contact with a guest, turning every resident into a knowledgeable ambassador ready and able to help guests enjoy their stay. Before launching the brand, IDEAS created The Grand Life Enculturation Toolkit, including an eLearning component and a live face-to-face classroom experience that was rolled out to all employees and residents through schools, churches, hotels and other hospitality businesses. Real “brand hero” stories are included so that Grand Bahamians can hear “first-person” about what it means to deliver “The Grand Life” to their guests.

IDEAS was part of the very first magical launch of Disney Cruise Line — helping guests connect, enjoy, and get their sea legs as only Disney can. IDEAS created pre-arrival, on-board, and post-cruise engagements including a portfolio of informational videos that showed guests how to get the most of their time aboard, and ashore.

Our work included Ship Tips videos presenting important safety information, on-board wayfinding, and entertaining tours through the ship’s bridge, engine room, galley and other shipboard point of interest. After settling in, guests were entertained by IDEAS’-designed games and featured destination and shore excursion videos.

IDEAS also produced signature animation, beginning with Tinker Bell covering the ship in pixie dust as the opening to an award-winning Broadway-style show, and a unique recruiting documentary chronicling a “Day in the Life” of a Disney Cruise Line cast member, showcasing the challenges and rewards of their work at sea.

IDEAS was tasked to design and deliver a new level of fan experience celebrating Houston’s culture and world-class hospitality.

In Houston LIVE! – IDEAS created a celebration of all things Houston — igniting enthusiasm for the future through the stories of 19 forward-thinking sponsors joined through tales of innovation, diversity, technology, artistry, and community pride. The 60,000 square-foot “village” featured elaborate interactive exhibits and attractions, multimedia presentations, continuous live entertainment, artists, local cuisine, and social connectivity.

Our Future Flight experience offered a thrilling challenge-“Got a minute? Go to MARS!” Through a partnership with NASA, we designed, delivered and operated a first-of-its-kind thrill attraction skillfully marrying virtual reality content with a drop-tower ride system. Guests embarked on an adventure to Mars and back surrounded by an immersive space park, where they could touch the Orion space capsule, get close to real rocket engines, try on space suits, tour Mars rovers, shake hands with robots, and see the science and technology that makes human space travel possible.

By all Fan, NFL, and Host Committee stakeholder accounts, this was truly the best Super Bowl Live fan experience ever!

IDEAS and our partners, Integrated Insight, Stauffer Destination and Port Consultants, RK Consulting and Exline Design and Architecture have helped the Port of Cartagena to re-imagine, rebrand and enhance the guest experience at their one-of-a-kind Port Oasis Eco Park experience. The Eco Park is only a short walk from the ship but immerses guests in a lush, natural Caribbean forest alive with rare monkeys, tropical birds and other animals. The Port Oasis offers guests a comprehensive Colombian experience and is the perfect place to learn about local tour opportunities to the famous Old City. Its also the perfect place to relax, shop, experience nature and participate in the culture of Colombia with an easy walk back to the ship.

Based on a new foundational story, Team IDEAS delivered a complete operating plan including authentic entertainment, food & beverage, retail strategy, animal engagement, show standards and service essentials, and guest arrival and way-finding enhancements.

Learn more by clicking HERE.

Royal Caribbean was among the first to establish private-islands in the Caribbean for the exclusive use of their guests. Team IDEAS helped them develop new concepts, master plans and guest experience portfolios for Coco Cay in the Bahamas, and Labadee on the coast of Haiti.

IDEAS delivered a complete Experience Design Plan including a new core story and origin myth for each island and an attraction plan for two waterparks, and innovative ocean and land-based guest experiences. The plan also included dining and merchandise enhancements, recommended sourcing, operations protocols and recommendations for pre and post-visit guest engagement.

IDEAS partner, Integrated Insight, conducted research among past RCCL cruisers as well as other lines, and also among cruise ‘intenders’ to provide clear direction on product investment and to maximize appeal and differentiation.

Norway-based Park Adventure Group tasked IDEAS with creating a completely new kind of destination entertainment experience near Puerta Plata in the Dominican Republic. Built around an original mythic tale of Norse explorers driven ashore on a Caribbean island, Korala is a unique blend of Norse and European design, married with native Taino-Caribbean styles.

Deliverables included:

  • Full market and audience analysis
  • A culturally/historically-aligned origin myth
  • A new brand, and full experience design package
  • Pro forma based attractions plan
  • Dining and merchantainment enhancements

Not a traditional “theme” or “ride” park, Korala is designed to cater to the upscale, adventurous, adult guest that research proved was our audience. Engagements that transport guests into a different place and time include pop-up theatrical, natural water experiences, relaxing chill zones, authentic village trades, treetop canopy dining and a spectacular nighttime event that combine to make Korala a distinctive new brand of destination entertainment.

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