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Telling Stories, Branding Things, The Company Business

Telling Stories, Branding Things, The Company Business

Do you ever have a random thought and then it turns into some creative musings that might be worth exploring? That’s me right now. (Also I came up with the title to thing and then I couldn’t let it go…)

This is just a quick though really, but I’m thinking about the show Supernatural. “Okay Olivia”, you ask me, “why are you talking about some random tv show?”, I’m currently on a road trip and we were just in in Winchester, Virginia, if you’ve seen the show Supernatural the two lead characters are Sam and Dean Winchester. You now see how my brain made the connection. I’m traveling with my best friend who is quite possibly the world’s leading expert on this tv show. I stopped watching it at some point, but I’m sort of peripherally aware of the latest supernatural news through her. Apparently it’s soon going into it’s 15th and final season. I mean fifteen seasons! As a storyteller, that’s kind of fascinating. What ingredients must a story have to be so long lived? There are plenty of other shows that hit all the points on the “what makes a story” checklist which have failed. There are plenty of other shows that I personally like better which have failed. Sure, not everyone is a fan of Supernatural, and there is plenty of absolutely amazing content that’s very short lived. But, I can’t help but be fascinated, there has to be a secret to certain stories that keeps them running in a society that’s constantly providing us with new and excellent content. I mean, The Phantom of The Opera is still on broadway, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever expanding, and Supernatural is on it’s 15th season.

Olivia Allen
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