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You may eventually get tired of me writing about writing, but hopefully today is not that day. I have been doing a lot of writing lately and I’ve made an observation, that probably other people already know, but humor me. I write fiction, and the story I’m currently writing is not set in Boulder, Colorado, which is where I am. So, when I’m working on it I mentally shift to a different space, live in England for a while, or New York City, or an ancient civilization. Whatever the place may be. I kind of just check out of my world for a little while and go into the fictional one, the same as when I’m reading a book. It’s just more work because…you know…you have to do the writing yourself. Now, this is just a quick observation, but I’d love to hear from any writers out there, what is your relationship to place when you work?

Olivia Allen
I'm a writer/artist/actor, who manages social media for IDEAS, and I love to break the fourth wall. Got an idea for a guest blog? Contact me at