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On The Merits Of Learning

On The Merits Of Learning

Have you ever been really interested in something you don’t feel like you know enough to learn about? Example, I’m interested in science, but I don’t think I have the math skills to really learn about certain fields of it. Or take classes in them at least. So, is it worth trying? I would say obviously. If you have a passionate interest in something, you should let yourself research it, take courses on it, enjoy it, even if you might never understand it the way an expert would. Who cares? You don’t have to be and expert writer to appreciate the beauty of language, you don’t have to be an astronomer to appreciate the wonder of the universe.

I am currently in a basic astronomy class, which makes me nervous because I know there’s a mathematical component. But, I have to take a science class, and I love space, so I’m not going to force myself to take something of no interest to me that might be easier. Even though part of me thinks I should. I think that the way culture typically views the education system puts too much emphasis on grading and credits and not enough on passionate learning. It is better in college, but there is still the pressure to get your required classes, graduate, and maintain your GPA. This is fair, though I do take issue with the emphasis placed on it. I understand the GPA is used as a measure of how well a student is engaging with the learning process. But still, there is too much pressure on the final grade and not enough encouragement to not be afraid to take whatever classes interest you. Maybe not always by the schools, but the way students have been trained to think about it. It’s important that we as a culture begin to appreciate learning for the sake of learning, and not be afraid to explore.

Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen is a writer and artist, who manages social media for IDEAS, and is in the business of recommending Good Omens to everyone she knows. We love stories, got an idea for a guest blog, contact her at