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It’s October, season of pretty leaves and pumpkin spice everything and very tired artists who decide to commit to doing one ink drawing every day because…I don’t know…we feel like I have something to prove? If you’re confused, in October lots of artists do this thing called Inktober, a delightful play on words, where you basically just do an ink drawing every day. It can be any type of ink, and any skill level. The actual Inktober people put out an official prompt list every year with a different word for each day (October 1st this year was “poisonous”). Not everybody follows the official list though, this is my third year doing it and I haven’t followed the official list yet, though I’m thinking of doing so next year because honestly, I don’t know why I’m determined to make things complicated for myself. Anyway, as if I don’t have enough to do already, I decided to do my 2018 Inktober as a storytelling exercise. I wrote a little ghost story, and each day the drawings will reveal a little more of it. If people bother looking at my art then they can try to figure out what the story is, and in the final art piece I will write out the little story and be like “heyyyyyy so if you care here’s what the thing was to begin with…”.  I’ve been learning a lot about visual storytelling lately, with my ever increasing interested in comics, and so even the quality of my Inktober experiment isn’t so high, it’s what I enjoy. I recommend everybody check out Inktober, people make some absolutely amazing art, plus you should make art too! I don’t who you are, but yeah, you! Make art! It generally improves the world.

Olivia Allen
I'm a writer/artist/actor, who manages social media for IDEAS, and I love to break the fourth wall. Got an idea for a guest blog? Contact me at