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I Am An Infinite Number of People

I Am An Infinite Number of People

So, I was talking to my roommate, I don’t know how this even happened, I must of at some point said, “You’re four people!” as part of a joke? Don’t remember. Anyway, her response was great, “Yes, I am four people, I’m an infinite number of people, I’m an actress!” and I’m like “I am an infinite number of people, I’m a writer and an actress!” And then we laughed a lot and it was great. But I mean, yeah, obviously I am, right now, only one person. (That I can experience anyway. Who knows, maybe there are alternate universes or maybe the particles that make up this Olivia help to build other people across time, but see my previous blog for philosophy and bad science, this is about art.) The nature of acting and writing is that you have to get into the head of people who aren’t you. Characters. Sometimes fully fictional, sometimes fictionalizations of real people. (Sometimes already established characters if I want to bring cosplay into this.) I could write about this subject for a long time, but I kind of just want to get everyone thinking. Writing and Acting are magical acts, you have to transform yourself into someone new. Crawl out of your brain and into someone else’s. And you get to be an infinite number of people.

Olivia Allen
I'm a writer/artist/actor, who manages social media for IDEAS, and I love to break the fourth wall. Got an idea for a guest blog? Contact me at