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Gather your Vegetables

Gather your Vegetables

Welcome back to cooking with Olivia, where I tell you about the recipes I make up and you have to figure out most of the technical stuff yourself.

This past weekend I decided on a whim to make a bunch of food. So, I followed a few recipes, but I also made a thing up, and I think it turned out quite well. It’s kind of autumn now I guess? I don’t know, in Boulder its super nice for parts of the day and then hot for parts of the day, apparently that’s just how the weather works, but according to the calendar I think its technically fall. This recipe feels kind of autumnal? I don’t know, you be the judge. I made a ton of this on purpose so I could have stuff to eat all week, so the amounts are for like a giant pot of this stuff. Edit to your own discretion.



Vaguely Autumnal Vegetable Dish

Ingredients and Tools:

Olive oil

Garlic 5-8 Cloves

Onions 5 or 6

Tomatoes 7-10

Broccoli Many Florets

One pack of Tofurky Italian Sausage (You could switch this for any other meat substitute or like actual meat but this is what I used so this is what’s going in the recipe, deal with it)



Pepper (to be perfectly honest I don’t remember if I used pepper but it would probably be good)

A large pot, because you don’t want to have to transfer your food to a larger pot halfway through cooking it, not that I did that or anything…

A large spoon



– Chop your onions, the pieces should be left pretty big. Put some oil in the bottom of your pot and add the onions and whole garlic cloves. Add a little water if the oil starts freaking you out or threatening to burn things. While this is happening, you can microwave the veggie sausage.


– Cut the veggies sausage into slices and add it to the onion and garlic. Seriously don’t let that stuff burn but cook it in the oil. Stir fry?


– Once your stuff is cooked enough add the broccoli. I got mine pre-cut into small florets, so if you don’t then I recommend cutting your broccoli before cooking it. Add water and more oil after adding the broccoli.


-Cool, so now you’re gonna wash the tomatoes, if you haven’t already. I recommend getting really good tomatoes, like some of those fancy, colorful, heirloom ones if you’re able to. You will need a lot of tomatoes because those things cook down to basically nothing, and they’re kind of the base for this whole dish. So, chop them into good sized pieces and add them to the pot. Add more olive oil and water.


–  Now you’re gonna put the lid on the pot and wait for about ten years for the tomatoes to cook. Stir it every so often.


– Add salt (and pepper if you want) and rosemary, and mix it together. I think I put too much rosemary, but the amounts are up to you.


-The end. Eat your Vaguely Autumnal Vegetable Dish. Also good served with pasta or bread.

Olivia Allen
Olivia Allen is a writer and artist, who manages social media for IDEAS, and is in the business of recommending Good Omens to everyone she knows. We love stories, got an idea for a guest blog, contact her at