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A Simple Observation

A Simple Observation
Winter pomegranates

I have been interested in Mythology for a very long time. I learned about the Greek Myths in elementary school and it just kind of stuck. They’re good stories. But, they don’t always really dig into what’s happening in the character’s minds. These characters often serve as inspiration or parallels for new fictional characters, and I have observed an interesting thing. I don’t know how I never thought about this idea before, but by retelling these stories or basing new characters off of them, we can imagine what the original characters might have been thinking. I just read the Graphic Novel, “My Favorite Thing is Monsters”, by Emil Ferris. It’s very strange, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first, but it is excellent. Check it out. So, in the book there is a character, Anka Silverberg, who some people, including me, have compared with the Greek Persephone. I just wrote a piece on this for my class, which was about twice the amount of words it was supposed to be. Sorry….? So, I’m not going to give you my whole 1,316 word close reading paper, read the book and talk to me if you really want to, I just thought I’d share my observation.  We can use new characters to unlock old characters. I love that. The reason Anka as Persephone is so fascinating is that, through Anka, we get to explore what the inside of Persephone’s head might look like. What do you think? Isn’t it interesting that we can use stories not only to explore ourselves but explore other stories?











Olivia Allen
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