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A Literal Recipe

A Literal Recipe

So, I am a college student which means I tend to get creative with my food. Of course, there’s stuff like cereal and ramen that takes no time or effort, but, if I go to long without “real food” (aka something with a vegetable in it), everything starts to taste a little sad. I eat lunches on campus during the week but apart from that I tend to make most of my own food. However, cooking takes time, time which students are often low on. But we all still have to eat because without food you die and then you can’t turn in your papers. So, today I will teach you a very simple recipe that takes basically five minutes. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding with the title people, this is a literal recipe.


Super Fancy Spinach with Other Stuff in It Too



-Spinach (I mean obviously. Be sure to use more than you think you need though, because this stuff cooks down to NOTHING)

-Cherry Tomatoes (Like, a handful)

-Kalamata Olives

-A few cloves of garlic (I got the already peeled kind that comes in a bag because, convenient, plus then you don’t have garlic skin all over yourself, your friends, your kitchen, your apartment, your life…etc)

-Olive Oil


-Red Pepper Flakes


Tip: Honestly for the spinach and tomatoes if you are a student with a meal plan you could probably just get some from a dining hall salad bar. If you are a normal adult don’t go getting any ideas about stealing from salad bars! No! 


Okay, so first you’re gonna want to injure your wrist ice skating, like me, so that you can’t do dishes. It’s a lot easier to cook when you know your housemates will clean your stuff. …Please don’t do that, wash your dishes and get over it. (If people start taking me too seriously I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble). Okay, so first for real, get some water boiling in a pot. You don’t need very much water at all, I don’t know the exact measurement, somewhere between 1 and 3 cups? Now, you’re gonna lay all of your ingredients out on the clean part of the counter. Get out like three or four garlic cloves and chop them up really small. Wash your cherry tomatoes and put those and your olives on a plate or cutting board with the garlic. So, by now, if you didn’t use too much water, it should be boiling. Slide the tomatoes, olives, and garlic into the pot and then get some spinach, I like the pre-washed kind because in this house we like to minimize work when it comes to cooking, and drop that in the pot too. You’ll cook it till the spinach is soft. To say five seconds is honestly not much of a stretch. Then, drain the water, without losing the garlic pieces, and put the vegetables into a small pan. It’s good if you have one of those pans with a lid but if you don’t you can make do, I actually just use the lid from my pot to cover the pan and it works perfectly. Your gonna add some olive oil, salt, and pepper flakes. Stir it around a little but then just put the lid on and kind of let stuff happen. I’d say turn it to about medium, it probably depends on the stove, just don’t let it burn. It really hardly takes any time but a good way to tell that it’s done is when the cherry tomatoes start to split. Then serve it and you have food, good job. Probably eat it with some other stuff because while spinach has nutrition it has little substance. Of course, you can substitute whatever or take stuff out, but there you have it. This has been recipes with Olivia.

Olivia Allen
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