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Media Production

Video Editing

Our downtown Orlando facility features non-linear high definition video editing suites. To book time contact Bethany Harris at or 407-601-7878 ext. 0. In addition to checking out samples of our work, below are some of the broadcast/film projects our award winning team has worked on:

  • Christmas in Paradise – Dolphin Entertainment for Lifetime
  • Cullen’s Quest – Comcast SportsNet
  • Elvis The Miniseries – Jaffe/Braunstein Films for CBS*
  • Courage Colorado – NBC Sports Network (Formerly Versus/OLN)
  • Sheena – Two seasons for Columbia/Tristar
  • The Torturer – Film Financial Services
  • Little Bear – Film Financial Services
  • Disneyland Behind The Scenes – Discovery HD Theater
  • Undiscovered Walt Disney World – Discovery HD Theater
  • College Football All-America Show – ESPN/ABC
  • Dooley and Pals – PBS and South Carolina ETV
  • Donna’s Day – Jim Henson Productions
  • Animal Jam – Jim Henson Productions
  • Sarah Hughes: A Life In Balance – Zorba Productions for NBC
  • Baseball Tonight – ESPN
  • College Gameday – ESPN
  • Good Dog U – Animal Planet

*-Nominated for 6 Emmy Awards & 3 Golden Globe Awards

Post Production Audio

We operate our own mixing facility as well as making use of preferred studio partners in Central Florida and across the country to assure a perfect and cost-effective delivery. In addition to checking out samples of our work below are some of the broadcast/film projects our award winning team has worked on:

*-Nominated for 6 Emmy Awards & 3 Golden Globe Awards

Click HERE for a demo of our television and film audio work.

Motion Graphics/Web/Apps & Games

Our design and programming team executes a wide range of tasks including design, compositing, rotoscoping, visual effects, motion tracking, and shot stabilization for a variety of projects. Our team uses any number of software solutions including After Effects, Maya, Cinema 4D, Shake, Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator to get the results our clients need. The websites we develop are built with a variety of technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL, Flash, Actionscript, etc.), are easily updated by the clients through content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, custom) and are all mobile web friendly. Whether it’s plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, our web design team is comfortable with any web solution or frame work (jQuery, Mootools, etc). Our team has designed simple web-based games for clients as well as for our own marketing. In addition, we have experience in a variety of platforms and languages including Flash (Actionscript), Director (lingo), iPhone (Objective-C), BlackBerry (Java). We have also been involved in interfacing with various hardware pieces including phidgets, arduino, touchscreens and webcams. Our games have included trivia, physics-based, shooters, role-playing, puzzles, matching, and driving. And we develop games and apps for mobile applications for both ourselves and clients.

Duplication/Closed Captioning/Conversion/Compression

IDEAS was the first in Central Florida to do HD closed captioning and regularly does captioning jobs for network and cable airing. In addition, we offer file conversion and digitizing for clients needing to convert footage from tape to files for laptop editing. For more information contact Rebecca Hodges at or 407-601-7878.

Video Production

Whether it’s a single lock down camera for interviews, a large-scale national spot or multiple flip cameras, we have a production team for everything. Our highly experienced staff of producers, production managers and other professionals combined with our international contract resource pool are an unmatched collection of seasoned veterans of both the East and West Coast production communities. Their depth of knowledge and practical savvy ensures that our commitments to schedule, budget and creativity are kept.