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Case Studies

The IDEAS team was asked to assist in the redesign of the Back to BASICS course materials. Although the framework of the training remained the same, we needed to address the context in which this training would come to life. There were new audiences to consider, new locations to think about, and new stories to incorporate to ensure that the messaging and training was relevant and applicable.

Begin with the BASICS has become the set of service standards that all staff members across AMEDD use as the benchmark for providing consistent service excellence to all patients, family members, and fellow staff. The simplicity and universality of the standards and storytelling assets for sustainment are key to making this a program something that will eventually be adopted and practiced across all of Army Medicine.

Novant Health’s leadership charted an aggressive and exciting direction for the organization to create a Remarkable Patient Experience. To assist in this massive 18-month initiative, Novant Health contracted with IDEAS to identify the elements and attributes of this Remarkable Patient Experience, create a foundation story to communicate this vision, define and develop guidelines for consistently implementing it across all Novant Health locations, and create training resources to ensure that staff could deliver on this considerable promise.

Emerging from this rich narrative data was a distinctive picture of each aspect of the organization as it relates to the patient experience. In association with Novant Health’s leadership team, IDEAS is currently formulating a suite of story-based interventions, experience design guidelines, and enculturation tools to assist Novant Health as they make the Remarkable Patient Experience the norm, not the exception at every step of the patient’s journey.

Hill-Rom, Inc. is a leader in providing safe and effective healthcare products for both patients and caregivers. After the development of two courses for the VersaCare A.I.R.™ bed, Hill-Rom came back to IDEAS to develop two more courses to educate caregivers on the importance preventing complications related to immobility.

This custom-designed, self-paced, interactive eLearning tool is used to educate the Hill-Rom sales force, customer service, and technical support people on how to properly operate the bed, but the primary audiences are the existing and prospective customers, (registered nurses, non-licensed clinicians, and other hospital staff).

IDEAS Learning and Hill-Rom were awarded a coveted Brandon Hall Gold award for excellence in the Custom Content category for the course.

Battle Stations 21 utilizes storytelling techniques and tested immersive technology developed in the entertainment industry. By delivering the Battle Stations 21 training content inside a rich story and a high fidelity, immersive environment, the U.S. Navy achieves better retention, comprehension, and integration of key training objectives.

The objective of the Battle Stations 21 Program is to provide Navy recruits with the culminating training exercise in the final phase of their training. This entire Battle Stations Exercise is comprised of 14 scenarios each containing specified events (e.g., move aboard a ship) and scenes (e.g., small boat attack) that push recruits to their physical, mental, and emotional limits, requiring them to draw on multiple aspects of their basic training curriculum.

IDEAS is a member of the development team for VESSEL Damage Control Trainer (VDCT), an immersive, computer-based game environment that provides training on vessel damage control skills while reinforcing decision-making, communication protocol, situational awareness, and shipboard navigation. The development of VDCT is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, and playing the game has been shown to produce a significant improvement in the performance of recruits at the U.S. Navy’s boot camp, Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL. VDCT provides a guided discovery experience that allows recruits to explore a virtual ship environment and perform damage control missions while receiving instructionally supportive guidance and feedback within the game. Critical errors have consequences, while correct actions lead to progress in achieving mission goals.

Discover Booz Allen, a two-day immersive, story-based enculturation experience, challenges new hires to explore the history of the firm using intentionally placed environmental sets, props, and resources displayed around the classroom to find answers to pertinent questions. Actual employee and client stories are told using media and live storytelling to exemplify the firm’s mission and core values. Each learner uses their own workbook to record their ideas and insights in response to the activities.

The Learner’s Passport, a print workbook, was developed to allow participants to record their answers to activity questions as well as their insights for future reference. IDEAS also developed a Facilitator Guide to allow new facilitators to embrace this content using verbatim scripts as well as outlines with references to the iconic classroom environment, videos, audio clips, and pages in the Learner’s Guide tied to each lesson. A dedicated train-the-trainer session, led by IDEAS, accentuated that this immersive course format would be a role change for the trainers, repositioning them as true facilitators instead of their usual role as presenters.

Through a comprehensive process of Culture Mapping, Experience Design and precise Market Analytics, The IDEAS team designed and launched the award winning CareerSource Florida brand built on a common charter and a unified style that still leaves plenty of room for regional identification.

When she presented CareerSource Florida with the 2014 NASWA SEAL Award, President Ellen Golombek said:

“Nothing increases brand awareness like achieving great results, and CareerSource Florida has become a model for other states who want to gain recognition as economic development professionals. It’s been a real game-changer.”

In 2016, IDEAS was selected by the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee to design and implement a new attraction called Future Flight as well as a large Houston brand immersion center called Houston Live.

Future Flight was a first-of-its-kind experience, skillfully marrying virtual reality content with a drop-tower ride system that takes guests on an excursion through space to Mars.

IDEAS also conceived, developed and produced Houston Live-a celebration of all things Houston, igniting enthusiasm for the future and inspiring action and conversation through the stories of 19 forward-thinking and visionary sponsors. The 60,000 square-foot experience featured more than 20 interactive exhibits and attractions, multimedia presentations, live entertainment, local cuisine, and social media connectivity.

The Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board, in conjunction with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, needed to develop a distinctive and compelling brand strategy for Grand Bahama Island (GBI). The answer? “The Grand Life!”

The IDEAS team designed a program that would engage virtually every resident of GBI that could possibly come into contact with a visiting Island guest, with the intent to turn every resident into a knowledgeable ambassador of the Island, its multitude of recreational assets, and its brand. Before launching the brand to the public, IDEAS created The Grand Life Enculturation Toolkit, which includes an eLearning component and a live face-to-face classroom experience to be rolled out to all employees and residents on the island through schools, churches, hotels and other hospitality businesses, as well as on-line. Real interviews and stories are included so that Grand Bahamians can speak “first-person” to Grand Bahamians about what it means to deliver “The Grand Life” to their guests.

The Siemens Corporation engaged IDEAS to create the guest experience for the Siemens VIP Center (formerly Base21) located at Spaceship Earth in Epcot, at the Walt Disney World Resort®. The IDEAS experience design team worked with the Siemens team to design the guest experience, which caters to Siemens’ employees from around the world, key clients, VIPs, and dignitaries visiting the attraction. IDEAS conducted a story conference prior to the start of construction, with key Siemens executives, to understand what were the key message points and what outcomes were desired for the visiting guests. Being able to tell the entire Siemens story was the key to implementing a creative and immersive experience.

IDEAS developed guest experience concepts focused on the visitor experience with specific emphasis on attracting Siemens employees and their families and encouraging regular use of the facility for Siemens clients as a business closer. Specific attention was given to way finding, interior design, interactive design, media development, light and sound effects, and displays to highlight the key messages of their various operating companies that make up the world of Siemens.

IDEAS was tasked with creating an interactive and engaging enculturation tool for front-line employees in the Pocono Mountains region. The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau worked with IDEAS to identify all key learning objectives and provided SMEs to assist our team with crafting the 100 pages of branching dialogue found throughout the learning game. The goal of this game was to help front-line employees understand what there is to do and where things are located in the Pocono Mountains, while also conveying the values that each employee is expected to uphold. The tool also needed to be able to be used by a wide range of users varying in backgrounds and age.

The end result was an online game that can be played on all computers and devices and is currently being used to enculturate all front-line employees with the Pocono Mountains footprint. Upon completing this game, employees are awarded with a real pin that signifies their Brand Ambassador status.

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IDEAS created an ongoing sustainment program for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority staff to “live that brand” on a daily basis. Developed with the LVCVA’s HR team, the IDEAS enculturation program spurred collaboration and teamwork, while empowering creativity and problem solving among employees in proactively understanding how each of the departments and business segments work together.

IDEAS started by facilitating a StoryJam™ to uncover the core story as the foundation for this initiative. Next came the processes of Culture Mapping with the entire staff, to understand the current work culture, followed by a comprehensive Enculturation toolkit to address the challenges within the organization, provide the necessary training tools and support to leaders and front-line employees. By understanding the realities of the people who must deliver on the service level pledged by the LVCVA’s brand promise as one of the world’s top destinations, IDEAS was able to relate the initiative’s big goals to the everyday job responsibilities of the employees.

StoryCare™ places the patient’s experience and welfare at the center of the caregiver’s attention. Designed to integrate with TeamSTEPPS®— Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety—StoryCare provides a protocol for change that is designed and determined by staff at the team level, thereby maximizing ownership—a key with any effort to drive enterprise-wide transformation. Team members decide what behavioral changes they want to undertake, and collectively choose which behaviors they’d like to adopt.

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